Thursday, September 8, 2011

Florence and Tuscany

Florence and Tuscany
How do you describe something that has been written about, filmed, painted, and made into legend a thousand times?
There’s not much I can add to all that, except that it is every bit as beautiful as we thought and had imagined and were so glad we made the effort to make the road trip. The country had a very relaxing feel just driving though it with the windows down. We made a pit stop at an amazing winery for some wine tasting, a picnic, and found an ice cream/gelato shop that was rumored to be ‘the best’.

I’m not a big foodie, and don’t claim to be an ice cream connoisseur, but she had a dark chocolate gelato there that absolutely changed my life! Thanks Sylvia from “Ostello del Chianti” for the recommendation and the encouragement for our adventure, all the best to you and your son on your journeys.

We stayed in another youth hostel in Tuscany and its location in a small village was epic. It was nice and cool in the mountains and we all slept like rocks. Touring does that, lots and lots of walking and fresh air all day (like we don’t get that on the boat :), but you wind up with big appetites and sleep great! 

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