Friday, December 10, 2010

Back to Mehari

After a few months in Jerusalem, we're back on the boat! So, we have a lot of Winter boat projects, cleaning and removing the sails, servicing the engines, and hopefully, changing the carpet floors to wood. We'll see about that one. It is too late in the season to sail very far West, so it'll be easier to wait until Spring. We sure missed a lot of things about the boat. How relaxing it is being on the water.....we slept much better than we had in a noisy Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem! It was fun to just hang out as a family.

We had a sad time leaving all our friends at For Zion's Sake where we've been living and volunteering. Lena and Sergei, Luda, and Yoha. They spoiled us with awesome Russian cooking and were very hospitible to our family. We will miss them very much and are glad for our months them.

Here is the other remodel project Levi and I finished. We remodeled a bathroom, and it was a great experience for Levi. He learned a lot about plumbing and framing and tile. The most important lesson was to make sure DAD! checks for leaks before you finish covering it up with fill in the blanks there!

Also, it made us both miss a house and all the fun things we could be doing together fixing and remodeling. Certainly planted some seeds for when we're done with the sailing adventure. Maybe we could work together someday, that would be another dream come true.

~ Hems

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John said...

The bathroom turned out great!!