Monday, July 26, 2010

"The Holy City"

We can't believe we're living here! Israel is a crazy some ways it feels like a spiritual bowl of spaghetti. So many religions sharing a very small amount of space, we're in an apartment in an arab neighborhood, so muslim prayer calls all the time, orthodox Jews all over another part of town, feels like you're in a movie set, and then "Christian" groups pushing their opinions, and really desperate to "plant their sign" for their denomination. 

It's a mess, but really interesting to see it all up front. People get what they call "Jerusalem Syndrome" where they are SURE they are called here and burn their passports, etc. Pretty nuts. So far, we still have our passports.......:)

I will say the Western Wall is an amazing place and we all feel something special there, but not being weird. I still get goosebumps every time I go and read this sign there.

So, we're waiting for Miles and working at "For Zion's Sake". It is a great ministry filled with good people. There is another girl here from the states, staying for 2 months before she goes back to college, so we've adopted her and the kids now have an older sister named Elizabeth! She's only here for another week and we'll be sad when she leaves and we're at the apartments by ourselves. 

Rachel is doing great, glad to not be climbing stairs up and down on the boat, but ready to NOT be pregnant. Only 5 weeks to go, all Miles' clothes are washed and ready and we have a little portable bed set up and waiting.......the weather is a lot like Arizona, dry and hot, so she tries to lay low during the day and sit in the A/C.

Last week we had a birthday party at the apartment for Lily, it was heaps of fun! Lily loves birthdays so much, it really makes it special, she's been counting down for only 2 months! 

SO, there's our week, talk soon!


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Anonymous said...

hey guys! it was great to read up on all that's going on with you. what an exciting/amazing time for all of you. saying a prayer for you now!