Wednesday, July 7, 2010

takin' on the jellies!

Sorry for the flagrant plagerism of "Finding Nemo", but it was really cool sailing down from Hertzlyia to Ashdod. We decided to move the boat there and save some $$ while we're going to be in Jerusalem.

As we headed out of the marina, we noticed hundreds of jellyfish in the water and thought they were concentrated to one area, but the further we went, hundreds turned into thousands and thousands!!!

They were everywhere! I don't know what caused it, but we'd never seen anything like it. Levi managed to scoop one up on a boat hook and we studied it for a while before throwing him (her? we didn't think polite to ask!) back in.

Anyway, it was a unique day as we saw some amazing things in nature and actually had a pretty great sail down the coast.

 Getting things packed up on the boat and heading into Jerusalem soon.


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