Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mom's wonderful idea :)

So my mother is always pushing me to do two things: bake more and
write more. But before I keep going let me explain a few things ;)
One of the many things i enjoy in life is baking. i love being in the
kitchen, mixing and creating. Especially sweet things! Since we have
been on the boat I have given a lot of thought to possibly going to a
Patissrie School
(Thats just a fancy way of saying sugar-y things!). I
was excited to find out they have whole schools full of poeple who
have a sweet tooth as big as mine!
Now the writing... Mom is always...encouraging me to do more writing.
However my reply is always the same "my hand hurts after like 10
minutes!" The answer is lame I know. But I figure if I type on the
computer maybe my hand won't hurt after 10 minutes ;) So here the
writing part goes...

Now my mom has given me the wonderful idea of combining the two. She has asked I write (well, type!) something small about one item that
I've baked that week. The "baked item" could be anything from our
Sabbath Challah to a Carrot Cake I baked last week-end. (No there's none left! Sorry!)

All that to say, I hope you'll be back to hear my weekly ramblings
about my times in the kithen....now if only I had a name to call this
weekly rambles...........any suggestions?


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