Friday, February 26, 2010

boat projects.....check! spring plans........check!

We've been busy the last couple of weeks since mom and pops left :( We had a great visit with them and a lot of tears were shed when they left, again. They were encouraging about this adventure we've taken, and it helped them to see where we are, and what we do. We also got a great day of sailing here in the bay which was a perfect day. A little overcast and a 20-25 knots southerly. Because the bay is so huge and sealed off from the open Mediterranean, the water was comparatively flat for that much wind and we were zipping around at an average of 6+ knots. Fast for us.

Now, it's back to reality, and the reality is....we're leaving the comfort of the bay and the marina in a matter of weeks!! Time to get finished all the projects we've wanted to complete this Winter. Things like filling in the back deck with wood where a ladder used to be, new wood shelves in the bedrooms (when it comes to storage on a boat, the more the merrier!) Re-finishing tables, changing out the wind gauge at the top of the mast, etc. etc.

We were able to extend our Marina contract until the middle of March, which by then we'll head out to the bay and anchor if the weather is still not good, or head on down the coast if it is. We've also been deciding what direction we want to venture off to this year, keeping in mind we want to be warmer next Winter. One option was going up through Greece and crossing over to the southern part if Italy, then heading down through Sicily, Sardinia, Malta, eventually arriving in north Africa in Tunisia. We've heard nothing but good about the Tunisian coast and the marinas there. Prices are way less than southern Europe, and even lower than Turkey, which we thought was a good value already.

The way we decided to go however, is keep heading East along the coast of Turkey, past Antalya, down to Cyprus, and make the crossing to Israel. We all really wanted to spend some time in Israel and figured we might never be this far east. After Israel, we might head down to Egypt, through the Suez canal and spend some time in the Red Sea. That end of the plan is still to be determined. A lot depends on visas, time we're allowed to stay, and so on. Our schedule is sometimes dictated by visas, which is frustrating, but a necessary concern in this lifestyle. Other cruisers are invaluable in getting advice, tricks, and procedures for renewing visas, how and where to do it, practical advice type stuff.

So that's where we're at for now and the plans we have today! We're continually trusting the Lord for His hand to guide and direct and are really excited to see when He directs things and make it obvious to us! We are humble that He would speak to us and be willing to use us in some way.

Drop a line, talk to you soon!


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Benjamin Craig said...

All sounds very exciting! you are an encouragement to us all. BC