Saturday, November 30, 2013

A new Chapter.....

As many people have followed this blog over the years, and we've been amazed by the people we've met through our adventures, we had a difficult time simply closing the chapter to the adventure and trying to pick up again with 'normal' life. Some of our reader have been curious how the kids have adjusted back to life on land, living in a new town, and picking up the pieces to their schooling.

Kids are amazingly resilient and adaptable as we've seen, and I think we as the 'grown-ups' have had a more difficult time in some ways. The emotions of this adventure are really hard to simply put on the shelf.

So, we're prepared to embark on a new adventure!! This one is all about helping families do and achieve big dreams and goals. We get asked frequently questions like: "Where do you start planning an adventure like this?" "How much does it cost?" "Weren't you scared of pirates?"

Our plan is to start a new platform called:! It is going to be a weekly podcast/radio show where we will interview families who have completed, or are currently traveling and adventuring in all sorts of ways: sailing, biking, RV'ing, etc.

These are families who have left the comforts of home and we are thrilled to meet them and hear their stories of success, failure, things they wish they'd done differently, everything! We want to inspire families to learn what option are out there, and more importantly, how they can set and achieve big goals!

We'd love to have you on the journey with us and please visit us at:

Thanks for all your support through this website over the years, and we'd love to hear from you!

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