Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Are you sensing a trend? We arrived in North Carolina 'just in time' for a hurricane warning!

We got back to the boat on Thursday late in the day, only to find we'd had a couple leaks over the summer, and some flooring was ruined and a stack of school books were black with mold and saturated with water :( We ended up in a hotel for one more night until we could get a handle on things, but I can't say the kids broke down crying about the school books (Rachel and I did!) 
Friday consisted of cleaning up the boat, moving things we've stored onboard into our trailer to try and move , and getting situated for what looks like a pretty serious storm. 

Today is Sunday afternoon, and we're about halfway through the storm, it's been downgraded to a tropical storm and then back to hurricane. The eye of the storm is about 150 miles off-shore, but as of this morning, we've seen almost 3" of rain so far, and plenty of high winds.
We are really glad our boat is out of the water during the storm, but try to imagine challenges like: walking up to the bathrooms in the mud, getting off/on a wet cockpit, living out of an ice-chest with no running water, and and all of us cramped in here, running a small space heater to dry things out. We've managed a few movies to be sure :)
We're just trying to keep our spirits up and know it'll only be for another couple of days, and then we can get on the process of starting a life. Although, for right now, this IS life, and we've learned that as long as we're together as a family, we can do ALOT!! We keep trying to remind and encourage each other, and know we've already done some really hard things and this is just the path to something else. 

The plan, as of 5 minutes ago, is to paint the bottom of the boat later this week, get it launched back in the water, and make the trip down to Wilmington, NC. We will then be living on the boat and then it's job hunting time and looking for a house to rent. Wilmington is loaded with historic homes, and boasts over 300 blocks of "historic district"
We'd love to find some old homes to fix up as rentals ourselves, and if anyone has some money to invest, from our research this looks like a growing spot. I also know an excellent contractor/remodeler who is currently out of work! Seriously, drop us an email if you know someone interested.

So, that's an update, we'll send another note once the storm is over, and let you know everything is OK, thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

~ Soggy Hems


Anonymous said...

Dear Soggy Hems:

Hang in there! No doubt God will fix you up in Wilmington. I liked your comment that, though there may be a difficulty or two, you've already done some hard things together! Further up and further in! God speed, keep you each safe and give good winds.
Pablo and Wendy Tilman

larry said...

The storm has past, the sun is out, you're in beautiful NC.
God is good!
Can't wait to see your new home in Wilmington.