Friday, September 14, 2012

A pause on the road trip of life.......

So it turns out trying to keep a blog updated on a road trip while tent camping in next to impossible. Almost every minute of the day is spent driving and setting up or taking down the tent, sleeping bags, and getting things set up to do frivolous things like eat. :)

Anyway, we are back in our 'native' town of Prescott Arizona and have been having a great time catching up with friends and family from being away these nearly 5 years. It's really felt like a homecoming for us and the kids are having a blast catching up with all their friends! We're here for a few weeks, going through storage, reconnecting, and trying to assess the next step of life......turns out that's not so easy!

We will be posting some blogs about the road trip and the cool things we got to see and do since Alaska......we promise.....over the next couple of days!


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Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Az!