Monday, April 30, 2012


We had planned an leisurely route through the Bahamas, taking our time up along the main town of Nassau and heading up through the Great Island, and through Freeport, but after pulling up anchor at Little Halls Pond Cay, we had great wind and a good line to just make our way on to Florida. So we thought......hey..... why not?!
In fact, once we were clear of the shallows of Bahamas by 50-60 miles, we found ourselves in the Gulf Stream and made great time north. The gulf stream can add as as much as 3 knots to your speed, and we found Mehari cruising along at 8-9 knots all night! It certainly wasn't boring night watches! 

So, here are a few photos from our last weeks in the Bahamas, next post will be about the good 'ol USA!
Zoe, playing with a giant sting ray!

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John said...

We were so glad you decided to sail on fast to FL and meet us at the airport! WHAT A SHOCKER!!!!
AND, what an awesome family reunion we all had.....we are counting our blessings and very thankful.
Love, Mom & Dad/G&G