Friday, March 9, 2012

The ‘bio-luminescence’ that wasn't :(

We had a bit of not-so-fun sailing/motoring straight into the wind to wrap around the southern-most island of Vieques. It is the largest island in the SVI’s and has roughly 9000 inhabitants.  The first stop was an enormous bay with lots and lots of ‘hurricane’ holes. Hurricane holes are places where people can bring their boats during hurricane season, starting officially in July. Boat owners not wanting to risk the path of a hurricane, need to be either pretty far north (South Carolina) or West to Honduras or Guatemala, or south past Grenada or to South America by then.

At a hurricane holes, you tuck your boat in as far as you can in a mangrove slot, and tie lines from all corners to the trees themselves, often putting out an additional anchor (or 2!) then hope for the best. So people that are sailing through the islands during hurricane season, typically don’t want to be too far from one of these spots, really cutting down their mobility.

Anyway, since we’re no-where near hurricane season, it just wound up as a super calm anchorage and with steady breezes, and made for a few nights of VERY quiet sleep!

The next place was a bay where there is supposed to be a large concentration of ‘bio-luminescence’ a strange phenomenon in the water from little one cell organisms that glow when disturbed. When the conditions are right, the water glows and there are various kayak tours, swimming tours, etc. etc. to come and see the magical waters they create. I don’t know if we ‘zigged’ when we should have ‘zagged’, or the stars didn’t align, or somebody spilled “anti-bio-luminescence” in the water, but we didn’t see anything.  Nothing.  Bupkus.

I mean, we’ve certainly seen ‘em……all over the Mediterranean and all the way across the Atlantic, but for some reason, didn’t see ‘em in the place they were supposed to be thick as ants at a picnic.  Oh well, I guess we left ‘em there for whoever is reading this to see them when you go. When you go, please tell us how great it was!

So, after another couple days, we’ll be on toward Puerto Rico, another 25 miles away. 


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