Sunday, November 27, 2011

Passage, day 6

Hello from West African Coast -
We're on day 6 of 8, making our way to Senegal. We've had some strong winds in the 20-25 knot range for the last 2 days, meaning the seas are also quite rolly :(
Everyone is hanging in there, literally, trying to cope and doing crafts inside. Maggie, Levi and Erik are on the night watches, and haven't seen a ship in 3 days, pretty lonely out there!
We'll send a note once we arrive in Senegal, should be by Wednesday morning, or sooner would be OK too :) Thanks everyone for the prayers, please keep praying for us.
~ Hems

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John said...

Stong winds here too, but instead of complaining...we will be praying for YOU...we are on land, you on sea! Erik, you are amazing....did I give birth to you?
Love, Mom