Sunday, June 13, 2010

Goodies from the Galley....:)

Hello All...

Yes we're still alive...and baking! :)

Thanks to my wonderful friend Miss Nikki I made pumpkin bars for last Friday night. I wanted to make something special for dessert and I had found a can of pumpkin in the store so I email Nikki and asked for the recipe....Thanks again Miss Nikki :)

If you don't know what a pumpkin bar is.....well I call it a slice of heaven but that's just me! :) It almost tastes like pumpkin pie but in a cake form. Along with thick cream cheese frosting on top!!

Luckily the recipe made two whole pans but as of now..........this is all that's left!

Thanks for looking. Til next time,



Anonymous said...

Oh, Maggie, it looks just wonderful. I want the receipe ! Love you, Nana

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nana...I loved making them! =)I can email the recipe to you in the next few days! Love, you! -Maggie

John said...

Yum Mags! Miss Nicki was thrilled you made them!