Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marina Visit

Here's Erik's parents John and Rosie on our first outing to check out the marina and the sailboat. This is one of the travel lifts in the marina capable of lifting 330 tons! And believe it or not, I have doubts it could lift some of the huge boats out of the water here in the marina. I mean they are HUGE! (not Mehari of course!)
Anyway, they came aboard the boat and were surprised by how big it was.....so I guess that's good! Maybe they would change their mind after a few weeks with 5 kids on board!

We had a good time, seeing where we've been and boat projects we've been working on. The marina has a great sauna on site that's open only certain days of the week, so we took advantage of that and had a good sweat in there.

They were also able to meet some of the friends we've made over the Winter. There is a family on 'Time Warp' Peter, Ruth and Will (13) They are newer livaboards as well, and have already crossed the Atlantic last Summer on their way to the Med, so we were impressed. I think they actually know what they're doing! No, it's been fun meeting them and they've since headed back to the States. Pater is taking his Captain's Test far another Atlantic crossing next year. At our rate, we could very well still be in Turkey!

We also met another boat, 'Tiger' with Neal, Emile (7) and Peter (5) originally from South Africa, now Americans. They have been cruising for almost 4 years and were getting ready to finish their circumnavigation when their mast broke about 15 miles from here. That left them stuck for the Winter and Neal's wife went back to the US to work ($$) for repairs and Neal is here getting ready to head out early Spring and head across the Med. They kids are great and Emile had a great little business selling rope knots he makes. He's made something like $200 just this Winter.

So......between boat projects, and hanging out with our new friends for potlucks, quiz nights, & game afternoons, and now with my parents here, the Winter is actually quickly passing and we'll be sailing soon! We all can't wait!

Anyway, that's it...see you soon.


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