Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Storm at anchor......

Hello all!

We had a huge storm come through here (Datça, Turkey) last night. It blew and rained for 8-10 hours straight, up to 48 knots! Plenty rolly for sure! We were at anchor and the weather info said the storm wasn't to hit until Wednesday day, so we certainly got caught off guard. Levi and Maggie and I put out a second anchor (we weren't in a marina, just sitting at anchor) which itself was a challenge. We were rolling around in the dinghy in 6-7 foot waves in the rain (sorry, mom) getting it set and tightened down. Maggie was collecting stuff from below, electronics, etc. that you don't want to leave on a boat in case of lightning. Rachel and the little ones had already spent time on the boat and Levi had taken them to a hotel.

We ended up in a hotel across the street where I sat up all night watching to see if the anchor would drag. It held tight all night! We half expected the boat to wind up parked on the beach....curbside pick-up as it were. Our friend Julie posted this on a Facebook page and it's a great verse:

O Lord God of hosts, Who is mighty like You, O Lord? Your faithfulness also surrounds You. You rule the reaging of the sea; when its waves rise, You still them. (Ps. 89:8-9)

Thanks everyone, for your prayers!

We're heading towards Bozburun and then to Marmaris, hopefully uneventfully. (storm wise)


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rpol said...

That's neat that we can track your progress. I showed Annabel and Abel the photo's, they were happy to see you all. Need more photo's. What does the boat look like inside and out etc... It's got to be like a dream come true - crusing the Meditaranean. What contries do you plan to sail to? Or is that on a need to know basis? Blessings to you all, May YHWH bless you in your comming and your going and your sailing. This blog doesn't have spel checkz so maybe thats why not many are writing comments.